After the market closed on June 28, 2012, Sara Lee Corporation ("Sara Lee") shareholders of record received a share in D.E MASTER BLENDERS 1753 (DE) and a $3.00 per share dividend paid by DE US, Inc. The ratio of DE shares to Sara Lee shares was 1:1. In other words, for every one share of Sara Lee you held, you received one share of DE. DE holds Sara Lee’s former international coffee and tea business. Then, prior to the start of trading on June 29, 2012, Sara Lee shares underwent a reverse split of 1:5, so for every five shares of Sara Lee you held on such date you then held one share of Sara Lee. If fractional shares resulted, you received a check for the value of those fractional shares. Finally, Sara Lee changed its name to The Hillshire Brands Company (Hillshire Brands) and all Sara Lee shareholders became shareholders of Hillshire Brands. As an example, if you held 100 Sara Lee shares you received 100 DE shares and $300.00. Then your 100 Sara Lee shares became 20 Hillshire Brands shares. See: The buy-out